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relation01Relational Browse

Relational Browse consists of a class and templates that allows any table defined in the dictionary to be browsed with a minimum or no coding. It can also browse tables related to a table according to the relations as defined in the dictionary. It supports tables with keys for all file drivers.

The class uses the standard ABC Browse class to generate a page loaded browse for all the columns in any table with a locator, column sorting and filtering.

This is not meant as an end-user tool but for development, debugging and support and access to this function should be limited for that purpose. It can be seen as TopScan built into any program.

Since it uses the ABC Browse and RelationManager classes, it can only be added to applications using the ABC template chain. It can however be implemented in an ABC DLL and linked into a legacy (Clarion) template application.

It is available for Clarion version 6.3 and upwards and contains only source, no DLL or EXE’s.

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While developing, testing and supporting applications one frequently have to fully examine records being created and maintained by the system. Most browses and forms do not show all the columns in a record, only the fields applicable to a specific function.

Tools like TopScan allows you to browse a table and examine and edit any of the columns. For SQL one can use SQL Management Studio or similar programs. In all the cases you need to start up an external program and then have to find the specific record you want to check or edit.

The class and templates for Edit-On-The-Spot were created to be able to examine and edit any record from any file driver directly from inside the program where that record is used or displayed, normally from inside a browse. This can be implemented by two simple templates without any coding.

Download documents for full description

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